On May 15th, 1994, a legend was born … and his name is Jared Plique. Hailing from Ottawa, Illinois, and eventually moving to Marseilles (IL), Jared grew up with the dream of becoming a professional wrestler. Currently living in Port Orchard, Washington, this father of one, is forcing his dream to come true and anyone that gets in his way is bound to learn the hard way; this mother fucker doesn’t fuck around.

Kageshi Lobby News set out for a 1-on-1 with the wrestler known as “The Masked Juggalo” Jared Savage, a name derived from his love of the Juggalo family and The Macho Man Randy Savage. We wanted to present to you an interview that showcases Jared in both dark and light- you won’t find a Q&A like this anywhere else in the world. So, take a break from whatever you’re doing and join us as we enter the world of a man with one goal in mind; Progress.

KLNews: Before we get started, do I have your permission to place this interview online in the KLNews site?
Jared Savage: Of course, man.
KLNews: Thank you! Let’s get rolling. When did you first realize that you wanted to be a wrestler?
Jared Savage: I always knew. I can’t say there was a time in my life where I didn’t want to wrestle. It’s always been in my life.
KLNews: Who would you say influences you the most when it comes to wrestling?
Jared Savage: Probably guys like Vader, Stan Hansen, Macho Man, Austin, etc. The list could go on. I just do whatever feels comfortable or makes sense in the ring.
KLNews: I’ve seen a lot of your matches online. You have a very professional approach in the ring. Did you learn most of these techniques by yourself or did someone coach you?
Jared Savage: No one learns by themselves unless they are backyarders, if someone is a backyarder they are far from being a worker (professional wrestler). I was trained by JD Mason, probably the legitimate best in the north west when it comes to in ring ability, etc. If it wasn’t for him I wouldn’t have made it this far. He has taught me the in’s and out’s of the business, psychology, how to work, crowd interaction, etc. I’m still learning though, You NEVER stop learning. Even guys who have been in the business longer than I’ve been alive are still learning.
KLNews: You’re also a rap artist. How long have you been in the game?
Jared Savage: I’ve been doing it off and on since I was 13 or 14. I started with my homies in a chat room on Stickam then I ended up kicking it with a lot of people in my area making music like my homie Con-Crete for instance (Formerly of Serial Killin Records and Slaughtercore Entertainment). I don’t consider myself anything special though; I can rap but I don’t have the heart like most for music. I write when I can but most the time I deal with writers block. However, I still try to keep myself involved somehow. I enjoy mixing music into wrestling. I try to represent the horror-core scene by wearing Lyrikal Snuff Productionz shirts and even my Alla Xul Elu mask to the ring in Spokane. I do what I can to promote others. I just want the underground to get recognition.
KLNews: What do you see happening with WWE in the future?
Jared Savage: I’m not sure how to answer that really. I barely keep up with the main product except through pay-per-views and then the NXT stuff but I’m sure there is some kind of positive changes in the future for the company. I mean right now Kevin Owens and AJ Styles are both holding the top 2 titles in the company, plus you have Shinsuke Nakamura as the NXT champion on top of that. Change is definitely coming.
KLNews: Is NXT the company that was recently (and temporarily) owned by Billy Corgan, singer of Smashing Pumpkins?
Jared Savage: No. You are way off and I wouldn’t even put this question or answer in the interview if I was you,lol.
KLNews: It’s actually TNA wrestling…
KLNews: I remember when it was WWF and NWA. Is there a big difference between NXT and TNA?
Jared Savage: A huge difference.
Jared Savage: TNA is Impact Wrestling, founded by Jeff Jarrett and his father Jerry Jarrett, sold to The Carter Family which ended up going to Dixie Carter, now having some kind of legal issue with Billy Corgan being involved I guess. NXT is a company that started as Florida Championship Wrestling, turned into WWE developmental, changed to the name NXT. and now is one of the highest watched shows on the WWE Network.
KLNews: Bro, you fucking know more shit than Google.
KLNews: OK, moving along here; You’re an active member of the community on Kageshi. Mind if I throw some questions at you about the site?
Jared Savage: Go ahead.
KLNews: What is the most fucked up thing that you’ve seen on Kageshi?
Jared Savage: Probably, TeamWeEe, putting icy hot on his dick, hot sauce in his eyes, eggs in his hair. and I can’t even remember the rest. I’ve seen so much stuff, It’s hard to give just one moment or even think of one that was worse than any of the others.
KLNews: These are things that happened in LULBOX?
Jared Savage: Of course, Where else does crazy shit that insane happen?
KLNews: I really want to say; In El-Vato’s mom’s bedroom.
KLNews: Tell us a little bit about North West Pro.
Jared Savage: We are a indi-company from WA, [the] first show ran in 2013 and we are still running strong today. Our fan base is starting to spread with the help of Fizzy TV on Roku and Amazon Fire TV, also our website northwestprowrestling.com
Jared Savage: We also use Facebook and other social media such as YouTube also. We run our own monthly show which we do the TV-tapings for. We have done so much, I don’t know where to begin really. I’m just glad I can say I’ve been there since the beginning. We have probably the coolest locker room in the northwest besides my buddies in Spokane at Inland Pro Wrestling.
KLNews: Have you ever been hospitalized for any injuries that happened in the ring?
Jared Savage: Not yet, but like I said “yet”.
Jared Savage: I’ve been lucky for the most part.
KLNews: A lot of videos surfaced on YouTube, showing backyard wrestling injuries and even deaths. Safety seems to be set to minimal. What advice can you give to anyone that’s about to venture into wrestling on mattresses?
Jared Savage: Don’t be stupid. Stop being a backyarder and get training. I agree than anyone should go out and have fun but what we do is far from being something fun or just a hobby. If you want to wrestle then just get trained. Simple as that.
KLNews: Here’s a random one for you. Do you think admins on Kageshi secretly fuck with us?
Jared Savage: Not really. Not the ones I consider myself friends with at least. I don’t know really. I can’t say I much care.
KLNews: Have you ever had sex in a moving vehicle?
Jared Savage: I can’t say I have, haha.
KLNews:: Tell us about your wrestling name. How’d you come up with that?
Jared Savage: “The Masked Juggalo”, was a quick thrown together name last minute when I was about to work my first match on a training show. It stuck but then I added Jared Savage later on as I felt just in case I wanted to drop the nickname at some point. Obviously, everyone knows where Savage came from and we all know my name is Jared so that’s pretty much self-explanatory otherwise.
KLNews: With all due respect to the sport of wrestling, have any of the matches you’ve been in, turned into an actual fist fight of sorts?
Jared Savage: No.  Everyone I’ve worked with has been professional. Of course there’s been times where I wouldn’t have minded a real fight though. Being professional comes first. If you have a problem with someone you set it aside in the ring … outside of the ring do whatever.
KLNews: We heard you attended the Gathering of the Juggalos this year. That must’ve been pretty dope, huh?
Jared Savage: I can’t find words that even come close to describing The Gathering or how much it truly means to me. It is home.
KLNews: If we were to check your music history from the last few days, who would we find on there?
Jared Savage: Alla Xul Elu, SCUM, M.M.M.F.D, Smallz One, Insane Poetry, and Dark Half.
Jared Savage: oh and Death4Told. Can’t forget em!
KLNews: Who would win in a fight between El-Vato and Sig?
Jared Savage: Sig, because he’s my nigga.
Jared Savage: I love El Vato too though.
KLNews: Shoutout to Sig.
KLNews: Aside from agreeing to do this interview, what’s the most fucked up thing you’ve ever done?
Jared Savage: Probably the butter thing that your piece of shit ass made me do. I had a stick off butter because I didn’t have eggs to crush on my head to get kick immunity in LULBOX, I thought I was going to smash the stick of butter but NOOOOOO! Piece of shit myke over there decides “Hey Jared, put the butter between your ass cheeks and sit down”
KLNews: I think a few tears just trickled down my cheek…
[Editor’s note: I legit, for real almost cried in my lap…]
KLNews: Jared, much love for a great interview. Before we go, any upcoming events?
Jared Savage: I am going to Spokane next Saturday on the 12th for Inland Pro Wrestling’s Super-Taping at The Venue (Formerly known as Swaxxx) and NWP has its monthly event coming up this month, November 19th, at the Key Peninsula Civic Center in Vaughn,WA.
KLNews: Nice. Oh, and- any last words?
Jared Savage: Don’t be a fucking bitch- Check out my boys Alla Xul Elu over at longliveevil.com
KLNews: Will do! Much love and best wishes out there- We’ll be cheerin’ you on! I’ll be the one with the big sign that says “TAKE 2 SHOTS OF WHATEVER!”. Peace, Jared!

There’s this feeling you get when you know you’re talking to someone that has purpose on this planet. I can’t describe it, but I’m sure you can’t buy it, drink it or smoke it. The world we live in seems to have us on a loop; we’ve become stagnant with monotony and sometimes we just need to break away from it and be entertained. We need a distraction- a diversion from the endless amount of bullshit we’re faced with on a daily basis. I don’t watch television, but when this guy is on it, I’ll be sure to turn that shit on. Good luck out there, Jared Plique / Jared Savage / Pliquezilla420.

Actually, my friend sounds better.

Pliquezilla420 frequents the Kageshi Lobby. Get to know him for yourself!
Feel free to drop a line to Jared using the comment section below.


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