Last night we gave you THE UPRISING OF THE OLD ENOUGH TO KNOW BETTERS. Now, we here at KLN, highly doubt that our news release had anything to do with what you’re about to find out; but we sure like to pretend it did.
From more than one source and confirmed through the administration, it is now known that nudity is “no longer permitted” on Kageshi. Yes, you can now be banned from the site for breaking this rule.I shouldn’t give my opinion on this, but I will; I hope each and every one of you perverted mother fuckers breaks this rule. I hope spad bans the shit out of you. For real…I hope spad bans both you and your weird dick.
Ladies, don’t think for one second you’re in the clear here; throwing a slight glimpse of that Venus fly-trap could shuttle you and your nether-region straight into ban land. I guess it truly does go both ways. Yes, Kageshi goes both ways.

Kageshi goes both ways.
Now, if this is true, if, updates their rules to include a no-nude policy, if Kageshi cuts ties with rooms like The Penis Room, (which has since been deleted), they will finally grow up. We just may be heading into some strange, fuckin’, Kageshi 2.0 or something.
What killed Stickam?
Mother fucker’s and their dicks, y’all. And is that how Kageshi is supposed to end up? Kageshi … a perfect build of a site that was tarnished by rooms allowing people to sit there on cam and masturbate. Damn, damn, damn. What happened was, those same people, when bored of being in their penis-room, well; those same people ended up in mine, yours, and, fuck … whatever fucking room Warden runs now. smh.
Since I became a member of Kageshi, I hated the thought of having to share a site with the scum of the internet. Seriously. I don’t mean to be harsh, but it’s the truth. And then shit-tier rooms like Clappy Flaps ended up on the site. And then all of these nudist rooms. What the fuck is wrong with people? Are there not enough jack-off cam sites available already as it is?

Kageshi could be bigger than it is, and removing the ones that come here to stalk and sexually harass other users, in my opinion, is the first step towards making that happen. I think it’s time to head into 2017 with a new outlook on the site- with additions such as the new admins and Kageshi Premium (We’ll discuss this one soon enough), what we seem to have, is a solid foundation for bigger and better things … just not your cock or your vaginal entryway.

Now, KLN wouldn’t be KLN without being KLN, therefore I would like to inform you that it has come to my attention that an admin was having sex on cam earlier tonight. I’m going to be a good guy and not disclose who it is, I just want to make an example here. Look, rules can not be enforced if the ones that are making the rules are breaking the rules. Admins should set the standard and users will follow suit, I’m certain.

Maybe this whole no-nudity thing was a joke, or a chance to get rid of offensive rooms. If so, then it’s only a matter of time before even more penis-inspired rooms will surface. I checked the rooms list earlier and there are still quite a few rooms with that overall theme on the site.

I’m not trying to be Captain Kick-A-Dick, but things need to change. Kageshi is better than that. We have a lot of new people joining the site every week, so why not add something about this to the announcements, or revise the rules? The site should have something that will let people know what’s going on, so they don’t have to find out the hard way (Pun intended). Hell, point them here. It’ll keep the reds from having to reply to every single person hitting up the admin room asking about dicks.
In closing, I think a no-nude policy on Kageshi is the right thing to do. Yes, Kageshi is an 18+ / NSFW, cam site, but maybe it can open the doors to a new demographic of users. I believe more people will donate to the site if the site shows a sign of maturity in regards to sexual deviants and miscreants. I would have no problem pledging my support if I knew we, the users, were being listened to.

We need to know we’re being taken seriously, so think of the future in this, users and admins, because we’re all we’ve got at this point.


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