DECEMBER 1st, 2016
By myke


The following interview will be conducted, NOVEMBER 30, 2016 11 PM EST

Our subject: alter_legend

A DNA sample has been drawn and the subject was advised of the procedure prior to analysis.

No restraints have been issued nor required in order to obtain information.

Subject is fully coherent.

Requesting permission to eventuate dissemination.

Transmission received.
#0014721 – Article 41

All ports secure.

We have been granted access.

Final render to human actualization will be initiated in:

Before we begin, do I have your permission to publish the following interview on KLN?

alter_legend: Yes, it’s a pleasure.

Indeed, the same, thank you. Here we go. Alter, how did you first hear about Kageshi?

alter_legend: I heard about it from friends on VIP. That website was trash, but a lot of my friends needed a place [to go] after Stickam died, so after VIP we came here.

There had been some internal issues with VIP when their crowd barreled over into ours. It’s been a few years, and everything seems to be OK for the most part. Do you see those users once again joining Kageshi?

alter_legend: I would hope all VIP came over because Tommy (the boss) was trash.

Was he around during the Stickam days too?

alter_legend: His site was up at that time, yeah, but he never went to Stickam – at least I never saw him there.

Stickam was a giant. Were you there when they closed?

alter_legend: Yes, I was there … it was a free for all. Rules were [thrown] out the window so there was a lot of nude cams.[Laughs]

Bots, too from what I hear. I used to get on Stickam as a guest, using the name ‘Ksooooo’, though I would only go on there to watch a show called UFO Phil. Ever heard of it?


alter_legend: I’ve seen it a couple of times before Stickam closed. I was going to the user broadcasts a lot. I missed a lot of good shows.

Same here – I hope those guys start broadcasting again in the future. Let’s move on, if you can, list 3 of your most-listened-to bands.

alter_legend: Slayer, Metallica, and Iron Maiden.

Very nice. What are your thoughts on the band Ghost?

alter_legend: They’re alright, but I’m still into the classics. I will never bow down to a new way of rock. lol

Kerry King has been quoted saying he likes the band (Ghost) but he can’t get into them. Slayer has been known to produce thrash metal for years – do you see more bands coming out that will carry on that tradition?

alter_legend: I think we are starting to see it already. I love the new Metallica album because they are going back to their roots. Most older bands tried to go with the flow and try a bit of punk-edgy-bullshit. [Laughs] The thrash will come back.

Slayer was the only thrash metal band signed to Def Jam Records (A predominately Hip Hop/Rap label) back in 1986. Do you have those older albums still?

alter_legend: Yes, I do, of course, it’s the computer age, so it’s all in storage, but yes, I have a lot of vintage stuff.

Awesome. Moving right along. If given the chance to be an admin of Kageshi, what would you do to make the site better? Any ideas?

alter_legend: Well, I don’t know if I would be suited for admin [laughs] but one thing I noticed – is they allow a lot of stuff to happen and then later make rules on taking stuff away. Before chat sites, I’ve been a huge Freedom of Speech activist and you should let things go. Don’t abuse the rights of the users like I’ve seen lately.

I ask this question in all interviews, and some may regard it as a joke, although it’s serious – your turn; Do you think the admins fuck with us while using guest names?

alter_legend: Yes, definitely.

You’re the first one to answer this way, and maybe it’s because you and I are similar in the way we think and act online – nothing wrong with that, again, it’s freedom of speech. Alter, what’s the craziest thing you’ve seen happen on Kageshi?

alter_legend: Well, I was drunk out of my mind when this happened, but I think I remember Code_Kid fucking his girlfriend in the fridge. [Laughs]


I always miss the good shit. Your username is unique, how did you come up with it?

alter_legend: Alter was my street name when I was a kid, and Legend I added because mostly everyone knows me.

Right on. Is there anyone on Kageshi, besides me, that you would site ban if you were admin? Let’s say spad gave you permission to ban one person. Who’s that one person?

alter_legend: That’s a tough one … site ban would be zOmbie. [Laughs]


[Laughs] Yeah, that’d be something for sure. I’m sure zOmbie is reading this right now. Is there anything you’d like to say to him personally?

alter_legend: Well, here is where I separate Chat VS Real Life. I don’t hate anyone – it’s too much effort. But they way he runs some stuff is a bit questionable.


alter_legend: [laughs] Well, he isn’t into chat wars, yet he does the same shit that we all did on Stickam. You know – when there are new chatrooms that are blowing the roof off the site – like right now, TOOTHACHE, well, I bet zOmbie will be modding a lot of people who shouldn’t be [mods] just to keep them in, and then when that room dies down he will unmod them without warning. [Laughs] When I had my room up and running, I had good numbers and he came in and kicked Gabe off and then it [my room] was quiet … probably to call everyone back to 30’s. [Laughs] I never started my room for room wars though, so it’s all cool. But, make no mistake, I think all the admins do shit to the users.

Kind of like a firefighter torching a home, going to the station and then rushing back to that same house to save everyone and put the fire out?


alter_legend: Something like that … but yeah, I have sources that say [the] admins DDoS their own servers.

Whoa, really?! Like, is this a real thing?

alter_legend: What was going on the night before [when the site was down] wasn’t just a “server issue” because “it sucks”, it was being hit hard. But, the admins will tell you otherwise.

What do you imagine they’d say?

alter_legend: That it’s just “a server being overloaded.”

And … your source says otherwise?

alter_legend: Oh, hell yes.

I’m floored by this, to be honest. Why do you think they would DDoS their own site? To relieve stress on the server? That seems reasonable.

alter_legend: I’m not sure why, but I was hanging out at EpikChat when the DDoS’ing was going on, and one of my guys said he ‘might do a hit on Kageshi’, but I told him ‘it’s too late it’s already happening.’

EpikChat used to have this bitter rivalry with Kageshi. Most of it, I imagine, was caused by the banning and removal of about 20-30 of their core users. Are they still as active as they were a couple of years ago?

alter_legend: Yeah, they (Chillaxin crew) hang out in EpikChat. But that was the one thing I never got, was why they were banned. I was here when they got here and I didn’t see anything wrong, and yeah, some have hit Kageshi before.

I personally tried to arrange a truce between ArmanaRose and Kageshi (both the admin named ‘Kageshi’ and the site itself) and somehow things fell apart again. Do you think they’d ever migrate back to Kageshi peacefully or are they over it completely?

alter_legend: Rob (armanarose) is fine where he is. The way his people flock to him is weird, yet – amazing. And I have a feeling, knowing Rob, you, and the other admins here that there should be no tension because I believe Rob doesn’t know what’s going on. It’s his people…not Rob.

I’ve been told the same thing (his people/not Rob) by a few people as well. I’ve had a chance to speak with Rob through PM’s a few times, he seems civil, maybe one day in the future we can all be on the same platform without an issue. On to the next question; Have you ever had an e-girlfriend?

alter_legend: Oh, yes. I have on Stickam. [Laughs]

What’s your relationship status like in real life? Are you single, in a relationship, married?

alter_legend: Recently divorced – a 3rd time.


Wow, I had no idea. Would you ever consider dating someone you met online, say – from a chat room?

alter_legend: I met one on Stickam, but I really doubt I would subject someone to my baggage [laughs] I would party with them, though.


What about someone from Kageshi?

alter_legend: [Laughs] Same. Most aren’t from around here.

And where is here?

alter_legend: Cincinnati. And it’s my birthday in 3 minutes.

Nice! Other than running a bad ass room on Kageshi, what other hobbies do you have?

alter_legend: Well, I run 5 trash-talk sports groups on Facebook. I have a blog and I’m almost ready to do an online business. Outside of computers [laughs] I love sports and always go to ROTR (Rock on the Rangein May.

5 groups, nice. Anyone you wanna give a shout-out to from those groups? Go for it!



[Laughs] That’s what’s up. Do you have any brothers or sisters?

alter_legend: One brother.

Did the two of you spend your childhood kicking each other’s asses?

alter_legend: [Laughs] Yes, we did. We had some blood battles.


Have you ever been arrested?

alter_legend: Yeah.

More than once?

alter_legend: Yes. It’s been a lifetime ago.

Before we go any further, I’d like to take this opportunity to wish you a happy birthday! How old is Alter_Legend anyway? Care to disclose?

alter_legend: 42.

Describe to our readers what your perfect date would be like.

alter_legend: [Laughs] Well, nowadays, it’s having the time to have a date would be perfect. 2 jobs and 2 kids really doesn’t give you much time. But, I’m a great cook – I’d definitely cook for them, put on some Marvin Gaye or some romantic stuff [laughs] I don’t know, even though I can be hardcore, I can also be a romantic … total respect for women.

You know, there’s a good chance someone who reads this is going to call you Marvin Gay without the E, right? Kageshi can be brutal.


alter_legend: You know me, I’ll take that shit and cram it up their pie-hole. [Laughs]

Have you ever been banned from the site?

alter_legend: Yes, when I first came [to the site] and when I accidentally self-banned. [Laughs]

Have you ever trolled an admin?

alter_legend: Yes.


If you could press a button and permanently delete one room from Kageshi, what room would it be?

alter_legend: 30’s. [30ṧ ḺøḺ]


You have no fucking idea how hard I just laughed.

alter_legend: [Laughs] It [the 30’s ‘brand’] belongs to my bro., Rick. Like I said, I don’t care who will hate me after this interview. [Laughs]

There’s this rumor going around that the room most people refer to as the 30’s room is in fact not the original [room] and that room [the original] belongs to Rick_Star. Do you know what happened to cause that initial friction between zOmbie and Rick Star?

alter_legend: Well, I wasn’t there at the time, but, from what I think, Rick didn’t like what zOmbie was doing and it was Rick’s room and the way to get everyone away from Rick – was to have zOmbie make The Other’s room or the new 30’s. That’s why I say ban that 30’s.

Is Rick Star problematic or autistic? Legit question.


alter_legend: [Laughs] I just spit my drink [out] bro., [laughs] if I had to choose between the two, I’d say problematic – like I can be. [Laughs]

Your room, Alternation; without looking – how many people are on your ban list?

alter_legend: At this moment, zero. I rarely ban or kick.

What’s the worst thing someone could say (or do) in Alternation that would get them kicked, and what would get them banned?

alter_legend: Well, like I said before, I set this room up for an alternative to other rooms and it’s not for room wars. But, if someone doesn’t like what is being said and then [they] make references to them going back to a specific room and sucking that owner’s dick makes it look like I want a fight. [Laughs] That’s really the only reason.

If someone came to your room and said, “This is my first time on Kageshi, what room should I avoid at all costs?”, what would be your answer?

alter_legend: Well, The Penis Room, but that room is gone. [Laughs] I will say I always got a kick out of yours, so, if it was a question of ‘what other rooms should I go into?’, I’d say the Kageshi Lobby and the new LULBOX.

I feel a warm glow. Alter, I’m going to try something new with this interview, I’m going to link an image to you, and you try your best to describe what’s going on. Remember, others are reading this, lol.


alter_legend: [Laughs] What the fuck? [Laughs]

How would you caption that image?

alter_legend: “Ma’am, it seems you got your dick caught in the fence.”

OK, that was totally not what I thought you were going to say. FML. If you were handed a sheet of paper and was told that in the year 4032 the words on that paper would be etched in stone and displayed on top of the highest tower, what would you write?

alter_legend: The Law According To Alter_Legend … or … Tits and Beer, if u don’t want to see the God complex in me. [Laughs]

Does Alter_Legend believe in God?

alter_legend: I know there is one.

Would you be willing to serve Satan, the Fallen Angel Lucifer, almighty overlord of the Omega Council, governing all of that which eats, sleeps and breathes, if you were ever asked to?


alter_legend: Although I believe there is a God, there must be Satan, but I don’t serve anyone.

Have you ever worked in Fast Food?

alter_legend: Hell no. [Laughs]

I had to ask because of the last response.

alter_legend: [Laughs]

This image below represents the reaction to zOmbie being site banned. What did zOmbie do to get site banned? Hypothetically, of course.


alter_legend: [Laughs] He plotted against spad.

Before we end this amazing interview, which by the way I would like to thank you for, I just have a few more questions. One of them being, What is the first word that comes to your mind when I say the following word or name? I’ll list 3, as we go. The first one is, Beaner.

alter_legend: Asshole.

I fucking swear I thought the same thing. And it’s not that I personally think Beaner’s a fucking, no-good, low-down, dirty asshole, but I’ll be damned if that’s not the first fucking word that came to my mind. Simply amazing. OK, the second word is, Kageshi.

alter_legend: Playground.

OK, maybe that was a bad choice for a word. Let’s roll into the third word, and that is, Trump.

alter_legend: Undefeated.

Did you vote?

alter_legend: Yes, for the first time in a while.

CNN or FoxNews?

alter_legend: FoxNews.

Alcohol or Marijuana?

alter_legend: Alcohol

Tommy Hilfiger or JNCO?

alter_legend: Both suck, but I guess Tommy Hilfiger. I’m a [Ralph Lauren] Polo man.

Jason Newsted (Former Bassist for Metallica) or Robert Trujillo (Current Bassist for Metallica)?

alter_legend: Trujillo. [Laughs]


Coke or Pepsi?

alter_legend: Coke.

Is crop (Kageshi user) autistic?

alter_legend: I used to think so.

Why does Kageshi have so many fucking weed rooms?


alter_legend: Chat rooms bleed for recreational use.

Hottest girl on Kageshi is…

alter_legend: [Laughs] [Pauses] OK, I’m saying this because I know she’ll blush; ginabears.

Wrapping this up, I’d like for you to speak directly to the readers, whether they’re friends, family, e-friends, e-enemies, and future acquaintances. What would you like to leave them with in this interview?

alter_legend: Don’t believe everything you hear in chat rooms, trust in what’s real and virtual. Don’t try to hack [me] or I’m coming after you. What you see is what you get. And if I ever meet any of you [in real life] it’s a see what happens basis.[Laughs] Oh, and one last thing…this is for spad; believe in the rights of your users. There’s an ignore button if people want to be nude and do stupid stuff … it’s there, right? And make sure u regulate the age limit so this can happen.

Alter_Legend, the Kageshi community is now able to view you in a different light – one they can appreciate you more for. We here at KLN thank you for giving us the pleasure of getting to know you better and for being honest in your reply. Most of all, we wish you a very happy 42nd birthday and we hope it’s a great one, Alter. Much love!

alter_legend: Thanks, brotha!


Conducting this interview with Alter, it made me realize how important doing these things really are. Yeah, sure, in the end, this is entertainment, but this guy and I ran through some very serious topics. Ultimately you’ve been given an inside look into yet another user on Kageshi in a way that has never happened on the site. I will continue to do these for as long as I can and I hope reading these interviews gives you a better understanding of the people you’re around for a good part of your day.

I’m calling out to all those that wish to have their brains poked and prodded so others can become familiar with them on more of a grand scale. Who knows what the future holds, but I bet if these things continue without regret or the looming fear of being banned, ousted, or ridiculed, we will create a community of people who truly respect one another. I have an interview coming up tomorrow night with Og Joker and this weekend with zOmbie. Both of these interviews I’m sure a lot of you are looking forward to as much as I am. We need to bring each other to life; we need to be reanimated. I’ll try to make it happen. And here’s why…

Often we see the same people congregate yet we barely know anything about them. We sit in rooms with each other for hours on end, recycling the same material, reciting the most predictable of passages, and still there remains not a shred of concrete knowledge regarding the ones we choose to surround ourselves with, and at the same time, spend precious moments of our lives with.

None of us are magically going to get any younger, and it holds true that what we do today, without a doubt, will shape how we live tomorrow. Therefore, we need to learn more about each other if we’re going to interact with one another. I’m guilty of it, you’re guilty of it, and there’s nothing we can do about the past, still, we can change the future. We’re allowed to mold our future into something better even though we’re not allowed to go back and wipe our history clean. We’re not given the privilege of clearing our life cache. So, maybe that’s an indication, or rather, an invitation, to begin a new era and utilize our means of communication to the best of our ability.

How much longer can we allow ourselves to be friends with strangers? We’re given the tools to enhance how we interact: cams, microphone options, words on a screen — we’re given the tools and because of someone like spad, we don’t have to fucking pay for those tools. We’ve been given the opportunity to use these tools to create the things we never thought were possible on the internet: friendship. Yet, day in and day out, we slumber our intentions while propping our feet on a rusty toolbox. We limit ourselves to our inner circle with no regard for people who join the site, enter as a guest, or come from another room. We’ve created borders – on a fucking cam chat site . We lock our rooms, we don’t allow guests, we don’t welcome new users. We’ve been given the tools at no cost other than to pay our internet bill, yet a single home hasn’t been built since the site was created.

Most of you are so caught up in impressing that girl or impressing that guy or being the one with the most this or being the one with the most that, and that is why Kageshi is coming to a standstill. I’ve been around long enough to notice when the waves aren’t as big as they used to be, so forgive me if I’m getting out of line. But, something has to give. And that’s why I’m here to say we need to remove the passwords from our rooms, allow guests, go the extra mile to show that new member; no; to prove to that new member that they have just as much right to the website as we do, and for the love of God, open mother fucking Shitty Chat again, holyshitwhatthefuck!

In closing, when you’re as dedicated to something as much as I am, you’ll be able to read these words and feel them. If you do, you’re just like me, you understand – you get it. Now, I’m not expecting things to all of a sudden change in my favor, but, if someone is going to sacrifice their time and effort to reinventing the wheel than it may as well be me. What do I have to lose, an entire website that views me as nothing more than an antagonist? Guess what, peeps, this isn’t about me, this is collectively about and until someone makes that first move and decides to oil the gears in spad’s machine so there’s a reason for him to even deal with this shit; until someone decides we’ve gone too far to never have even moved an inch at all; until someone speaks up for the ones that won’t say a fucking word, well … fuck; we all remain in absolute silence.

And from what I’ve learned, keeping quiet doesn’t get you anywhere with anyone.

From KLN and straight to your heart,
See you on the next one.

It happened, and  it’s here.


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