DECEMBER 4th, 2016 by myke
With additional questions submitted by
j0nas619, BananaBox, harleeeeee and alter_legend (Where specified)

We’re about to find out what’s in your head, in your head, zOmbie.


KLN: Before we begin, do I have your permission to publish the following interview on KLN?

zOmbie: Sure. But I get paid, right?

Paid with porn, alcohol or drugs.

zOmbie: I’ll take porn.


Good. We’re all out of alcohol and drugs.

zOmbie: [Laughs]

Tell me, what’s the craziest thing that you’ve dealt with while being an admin for Kageshi?

zOmbie: Tough one. To be honest, probably anytime I have to ban someone I’m friends with. That always sucks

Has that happened often?

zOmbie: I wouldn’t say often, but it does happen.

Our readers assume that you wake up each day to an onslaught of PM’s. True or False?

zOmbie: Not at all really. It used to be that way – but this community is really small at the moment, so I think most of them know what’s going on. It makes the admin’s job easier.

Do you get along with the other admins?


zOmbie: Yeah, all of them – even with the past ones I get along with.

What’s the last band or artist that you’ve listened to?

zOmbie: I’m listening to Childish Gambino, right now. [Laughs]

You’re being chased by someone and you have 2 options for a weapon: a gun or a bag of sugar. What is going to take this guy down? [Pauses] It’s raining, by the way.

zOmbie: [Laughs] Jesus fucking Christ, what the fuck is a bag of sugar going to be used for? In this case…the bag of sugar, because I’ll just choke the mother fucker, then go home and make some tea.

I forgot to mention that the location is Kenya. 


zOmbie: See above then. Location doesn’t mean shit when you want some damn tea.


Fair enough. What’s the first word that comes to mind when you see the letter: P?

zOmbie: Penis.


Other than running one of the most popular rooms on Kageshi and being an admin, what hobbies do you have?

zOmbie: Vidy’a games, and fucking your mother.


zOmbie: [Laughs]

Who would win in a fight between El-Vato and Crop?

zOmbie: OMG, they would both survive because both are epic. Crop would survive because no one could kill a cripple, and El-Vato would because pinche trump no mak die for smokey time [sic].



One of our questions comes from j0nas619, in the Kageshi Lobby. Jonas asked, “What’s the largest amount of marijuana you’ve smoked at once?”

zOmbie: [Laughs] 3 ounces in one night. I didn’t even know the amount until the next day when we woke up wanting to smoke a joint and had none. This was between 3 people.

Very nice. Another question comes from, harleeeeee. What’s your worst fear?

zOmbie: Well, since this came from harleeeeee, then my biggest fear is [drum roll] harleeeeee.

Have you ever e-dated someone?

zOmbie: [Laughs] Yes, a few. They were never heard from again.

You’re not wanted or anything, are you?


zOmbie: Nope. I’ve never been in any kind of trouble other than things I can’t mention here because your mother would be pissed as fuck.

I closed my eyes and hung my head just then.

zOmbie: [Laughs]

Let’s talk about the site. Kageshi Premium, is it worth it?

zOmbie: I’d say yes because spad has paid for this place out of his pocket for so long. Now that we’re actually getting the community to help flip that bill we have a chance to grow and not be a burden on him.

Who does the coding for the site?

zOmbie: All spad. No other admin can do what he does.

I never knew that. To be honest, I thought it was either you or Mecha-Lavos. OK, next question – If you won the lottery, what would you do?

zOmbie: I would buy a bigger place for animal rescue. I would also take your mom out to McDonald’s.


Red or blue?

zOmbie: Pink. No homo.

What’s the most embarrassing thing that’s happened to you in real life?

zOmbie: A girl I met online came to visit. Well [pauses] things happened – on cam. Yeah, that was really embarrassing … wasn’t a good thing. [Laughs]

Did you end up on any screenshots or videos?


zOmbie: That wasn’t the embarrassing part. But, yes. [Laughs]

Then my next question would be, why the hell do I not have that evidence saved on my computer?! Did you pay someone off to not leak them?


zOmbie: Oh, that person has it I’m sure. To be honest, that person has shown it to a bunch. But that person also knows that I don’t give a fuck if it gets leaked. [Laughs]

Could that person be reading this interview right now?

zOmbie: I don’t know, does your mom have internet access?


When we first started, you said “Anytime I have to ban someone I’m friends with. That always sucks”, when asked, what’s the craziest thing that you’ve dealt with while being an admin for Kageshi? BananaBox, from the Kageshi Lobby, has a similar question. She asks, “What’s the most uncomfortable experience as an admin?” This could mean, was there something that happened besides doing this interview that made you uncomfortable?

zOmbie: I can’t say on Kageshi that I’ve ever really been uncomfortable other than when dealing with a suspected underage user. It’s one of those – do I trust this person, or pull the trigger? I’ve pulled the trigger – then the person has shown their ID in email. So, yeah, that can be rough.

I’m going to link you a photo. The following photo has a caption on it. Your question is, what did you just say to him in order for him to say that to you?


zOmbie: Yo, Snoop! That’s my Count Chocula suit! You know damn well you are Frankenberry!

Yeah, OK, that’s actually Count von Count from Sesame Street, zOmbie.


zOmbie: [Pffft] You really think Snoop knows that?

Ayy! OK, OK, fair enough. Damn. Next question: Have you ever been arrested? If so, what for?

zOmbie: Nope, never.


How did you really feel about Sponty being an admin?

zOmbie: Sponty [Pauses], he had his heart in the right place. He was good at first but wanted to go too hard. Sometimes on a site like this, you have to figure out what works for each community (room). Some of them have a different mindset and are used to different things. In my opinion, a site sometimes has to conform to a community [Pauses] not the community conforming to the site.

Have you ever shit posted on 4chan?

zOmbie: More than I’d like to admit. [Laughs]


I conducted an interview with alter_legend recently. Have you had a chance to read it? And if so, what are your thoughts on some of the things he was saying?

zOmbie: [Laughs] I did read it. I’ve known Alter for a long time [pauses] and I have one thing to really say about him. If Alter was on fire in front of me and said, ‘Dude I’m on fire!’, I still wouldn’t believe him. [Editor’s note, it was suggested by zOmbie that I “add kek” at the end of the answer.] Kek.

Prior to the interview tonight, I had asked people in the Kageshi Lobby and 30ṧ ḺøḺ, if they had any questions for you. With that said, I have 2 user-submitted questions from alter_legend. The first one is, “Do you know the difference between chat life and real life, and if you do, what’s the difference? [Laughs]”

zOmbie: [Laughs] The difference is, you can be annoying in chat and also be annoying in real life. Most people are both. [Laughs]

The 2nd question from alter_legend is, “Would you go against any of your friends that you’ve known for years, just to please your boss, this time being spad?”

zOmbie: Well for one, I don’t consider spad a boss. I’ve known him for 3 years. He’s a good friend that has trusted me in a lot of ways when it comes to the site. As to ‘if I would rat out my friends’ – I’m not even sure what that means really because all of my friends know that if they do wrong, I will do what I need to do. Kageshi is my online home, as is the 30’s room. That’s kind of a weird question considering they are all my friends.

Have you seen spad?

zOmbie: Yes, but only once by accident. [Laughs]

I hear he’s a good looking guy. Next question – this has to do with the 30’s room. Can you PLEASE tell us what happened with the 30’s_40’s room and Rick Star. The community demands an answer! [Laughs]

zOmbie: 30’s started on Stickam and was originally ran by someone named Data. I really didn’t know him that well … he said the room was 21 and over – but he wanted to let one 18-year-old come in and me and another person didn’t like that, so we started our own room. That person was Mel (missunderstood). We ran the room for almost 6-7 years before Stickam closed. I moved to a shit site called VIP, that failed. But, before it failed, Rick Star made a 30’s room here on Kageshi (30s_40s). Rick always hated being a room owner, so he got me to do it. But it would always go back to Rick popping in after 3-4 months of being gone and wanting to change things.
So after about 3 times of “I don’t want to be an owner, but you shouldn’t do this or this”, I got tired of it and made my own room, hence 30ṧ ḺøḺ. The 30’s room has always changed … people, attitudes – it’s been around for 10+ years, and other than me handing out a few bans here and there to people who really deserved it, I let it be and let it do its own thing. My theory; a room is not the owner, it’s the people that go there daily.


While you were answering, I had another 2 questions come in from alter_legend. Here’s the first one. “Has there been any DDoS attacks lately, like what happened the other night?”

zOmbie: Well, all I can say on that, is that there was a DDoS of sorts, but it’s not what you think. [Laughs]

Alter stated in the interview that someone told him the admins actually DDoS the site. Is this true?

[Laughs] I read that. I mean really, why would any of us do that?! This shit is hosted on a company’s servers. A DDoS doesn’t affect just the site, they are affecting the hosting servers. That’s just dumb.

I wasn’t sure and had mentioned that I thought it was to relieve stress on the server, which wouldn’t make any sense now that I think about it. But, I meant that I thought it was used as a method to deter users from being able to get on the site if there was a lot of traffic. I was pretty fucked up that night when I said that, too. OK, so we’re going to go with your take on it since you know more about the specifics of the site. Here’s the 2nd question from alter_legend. “Can admins see IP’s?”

zOmbie: Nope. The only one that can see IP’s is spad. I’ll even show you a pic of what my screen looks like with the kick menu.


I’ve never been more afraid to click a link in my life

zOmbie: [Laughs]

Now that we’ve tested the waters, let’s relax a little. Tell me, what’s your favorite movie?

zOmbie: Oh, God. I have no clue. One that I can watch over and over would be Apocalypse Now.

Is there a sequel? Apocalypse Later? or Apocalypse When We Get Around To It?


zOmbie: [Laughs] I can see the Wayans brothers doing that.

I’d watch it…

zOmbie: For real, for real.

Tell me, is Ronnie autism?

zOmbie: Dj Flexible? Hell no. He is top-tier DJ supermeme [pauses] no [pauses] he might be autistic. [Laughs]

I once saw Ronnie sitting on the edge of his bed, looking out of his window and crying. What do you think he was upset about?

zOmbie: [Laughs] One can only speculate on that. I’d say he is contemplating life itself and if that Jr. High will be calling him back for that gig.


[Dies] How did you feel about the result of the presidential election?

zOmbie: I’m glad it’s over. I voted for Hillary Clinton, to be honest. Now that Donald Trump won, I don’t think he will be bad, but I predict he will retire in 1-2 years, leaving Mike Pence. But, that’s OK, Joe Biden will have his revenge.

I really thought Clinton was going to win. I don’t know if there was a malfunction at the polls, a curve ball caused by all of the fake news that bombarded Facebook and Twitter, or if people just didn’t want to go through another four years of Obama. What do you think happened?

zOmbie: I really think it didn’t matter who ran against Hillary Clinton. A rock would’ve won with all of her controversy.


I also feel as if I didn’t give Donald Trump a chance. I mean, with all of his popularity, I think I looked at the possible win as just another notch in his bedpost. The thing is, growing up, I was told that I could be anything if I tried hard enough. I could be an astronaut, a firefighter, or even the president. So, those of us that voted for Hillary Clinton have to agree that Donald Trump is just as eligible as we are. With that said, would you ever want to take the role as the President of the United States?

zOmbie: Yes. I’m running next term. zOm/Musk 2020 Make America Gray Again. If you don’t get that, fuck your mother.


I was- [Stops abruptly] Yeah, OK [Pauses] I’m going to name off some usernames. If you could, give me a one-word description about each of them. The first user is, Beaner.

zOmbie: Idiot. [Laughs]


zOmbie: GopherDavid711.


Og Joker

zOmbie: Nice shorts.

That’s 2 words, zombie.

zOmbie: Whatever, it works.

FML. [Pauses] DisFUNctionalTrav

zOmbie: fjssaldd [sic]



zOmbie: Crip.


Sith Lord

zOmbie: Cute.




zOmbie: Stupid hat.

Rick fucking Star

zOmbie: LOL

We’ll accept that as an answer. Let’s do a few more. JmeSaurusRex

zOmbie: Crazy.


zOmbie: #notonronnieslevel. Yeah, I went there.


zOmbie: Funny. [Pauses] You wanted more, didn’t you? Well, fuck your mother.

[Triggering intensifies] OK, 2 more. spad

zOmbie: Awesome.


zOmbie: FIRE!

I want you to imagine the following scenario. You are locked inside of a room with alter_legend, Rick Star, El-Vato, DisFUNctionalTrav, Ronnie and looky. What’s the first thing you’d say to all of them?

zOmbie: I would grab El-Vato and run because we’d only have 30 seconds before the bomb goes off.



If you could go back in time, other than agreeing to do this interview, what would you do differently?

zOmbie: I would have gone right back to school out of high school. Also, I wouldn’t have fucked your mom.

[Sarcastically] Wow, you’re on fire tonight! Moving right along, why is the Aesthetics room so fucking stupid?

zOmbie: [Laughs] I have no clue. Is Sponty a mod?

I’m banned, zombie…

zOmbie: So, Sponty is a mod.

Touché. Next question, and I promise this is not being made up on the spot, and I’ve had this question waiting for a while now. Did you know that Sponty has a microwave in his bedroom?


zOmbie: I did not know this. But he obviously needed somewhere to put his Gundams, right?


Harleeeeee, has submitted 2 more questions for you. The first one being, “How many potatoes do you think you could eat in one sitting?” 

zOmbie: Will the potatoes fight back while I’m trying to eat them?

I’m going to say, yes.

zOmbie: Then, 4.


Goddamn [Pauses] OK, Harleeeeee’s other question is, “What was the most annoying encounter that you’ve had in real life?”

zOmbie: Annoying encounter? [Pauses] I can’t really think of any.

Not even from Ronnie or Rick Star?

zOmbie: Oh, wait. That time your dad came home early and I had to sit and explain to him why I’m fucking your mother.


FML. Yeah, thanks.

zOmbie: [Laughs]


I once commented on GQ30’s Tapout hat by saying in main “The only thing GQ30 makes tap out is a box of Kleenex”. With that said do you ever watch UFC?


zOmbie: [Laughs] Nice one. And yeah, I do watch on occasions. [I] don’t really know who is who on there, though.

Without looking, how many people are on your ban list for this room?

zOmbie: I’d say 30. I know it’s around a page and a half.


There’s a rumor going around that LiftedTV has banned almost 99% of the site. Is this true?

zOmbie: No clue. I don’t look at many of the other room’s ban lists.

Have you ever cleared a ban that you weren’t supposed to? Be ballsy. You can blame this on alcohol in the morning.

zOmbie: Oh, yes. Several times. [Laughs] Well, my own room bans though, never a site ban, or another room’s.

This next question has been asked in every interview other than the one with Maddog, because he was smoking crack cocaine. The question is, do the admins secretly fuck with the users while using a guest name?

zOmbie: I don’t know about the others. I know I have trolled on a guest name.


If a fellow admin had done something to a user that you felt was demeaning, would you report that admin to spad, or would you just look the other way?

zOmbie: Yes, I would definitely report it. I say and do things in my own room that I wouldn’t say or do anywhere else on the site and I feel as if all admins should be the same way. We can’t go around being dumb.

Do the admins have files on all of its users – files on a select group of users, maybe the more popular ones? What I mean is, is there a forum, message board, or group that has infractions or screenshots of users?

zOmbie: Nah. We discuss each individual thing as it comes up. Most of what we have is our own memories, like –  “Yeah I’ve banned that person for that before.”

Can the admins see our PM’s?

zOmbie: Nope. I’ve always answered this the same way, “why would we want to?”, but all jokes aside, no … no admin can see PM’s.



A user on the site has told me recently that an admin, that is on the team now, has admitted to them in private that our PM’s can not only be read while we’re using them but even PM’s that we’ve sent since the first time we ever sent one, can be recovered.

zOmbie: Nope. If that were true, I’d be able to do it. [Laughs] I’ve been here too long to not have that info. [Laughs]

In good faith, I won’t reveal who, but it can’t be that hard to narrow it down. And it wasn’t you or spad.


zOmbie: I’ve never seen a single PM from a user, other than screenshots that were needed to be seen by all admins. Those are also secure as for our (admins) eyes only.

KLN is intended to be fun-spirited. But at the same time, I feel it’s only right to allow the community to know about things like this. Whether they choose to believe the answers or not is entirely up to them. With that being said, I do appreciate your honesty and not dodging anything.


zOmbie: No problem at all, its been fun. [Pauses] But not as fun as fucking your mom.

I’ve noticed that a lot of people on this site don’t seem to have friends of theirs in real life, around the site at all. Why do you think that is? For example, let’s say there’s a guy that lives in, I don’t know, Illinois – this guy has a lot of friends in real life, yet he never mentions Kageshi out of fear they’ll get on the site as well.

zOmbie:[Laughs] I think that is always the case. Who wants to be that lame dude that talks to chicks online? [Laughs]


Can the servers handle a shit load of people? Or is it able to handle a standard of about 300-400 users at once?

zOmbie: We have maxed out at close to 700, I think. And that’s not 700 total, that’s 700 connections to each room. So, say 1 person is in 4 rooms, that counts as 4. We’re a hell of a lot bigger than we were 3 years ago, that’s for sure.

Has anyone ever tried to DDoS you personally?

zOmbie: [Laughs] Yes, but it’s never bad enough to knock me offline for any good amount of time.

A lot of room owners lock their rooms. Are the admins more drawn to those rooms, seeing as they could be doing something illegal in them?

zOmbie: I personally check on password-protected rooms less frequently than regular rooms. They’re less likely to get someone not from their inner-circle of users than an open room. But, we do check on them.

Are there any updates happening that you can let us know about? Anything new for the site that we can look forward to?

zOmbie: None planned as far as I know – spad keeps a lot of that quiet until he’s sure it’ll happen.


Do you ever see more cam slots available?

zOmbie: It’s possible. There are a lot of hopeful things, but at the moment they are just that … hopeful.

When we chat using the .swf version there’s no background image, therefore, the area on the left and right side could be used for more cams. Speaking of backgrounds, do you think spad would be willing to add a cross-platform-resolution code? It would be cool to come up backgrounds for our rooms and profiles that are fixed within the window and look the same no matter what resolution or device you’re on.

zOmbie: I don’t know. That’s all stuff that spad would have to answer. He handles all that stuff so its all up to him.


Earlier, I mentioned Kageshi Premium. When this feature was released, users received a 5-day coupon, giving them the chance to test it out to see if it’s what they would want to pay for. During that 5-day period, a lot of users including myself made countless themes for our rooms. zOmbie, the loophole, from what I came up with, was that a user could simply use the 5-day code, make a bunch of themes and save them, thus bypassing having to pay at all. Now, let me just say that I do believe the users should chip-in and help out the site. However, what’s going on now is – besides supporting the site, all we’re offered is the chance to add co-owners and supers, and change 1 theme. I believe the latter was done to prevent what I was talking about before with the loophole. Changing your layout from 12 to 8 cams means you have to upload a new layout each time if you want everything to look right. If you’re changing your cam layout often or wanting to upload a new theme, there’s no way to save the color scheme. You have to start over each time. 

zOmbie: There are talks about having more than one theme save, but that’s still up to spad.

If it’s OK, I have a few ideas that I’d like to present here. If you could, let me know if you could see any of these ideas implemented. The first is, an online indicator similar to what we had in the Myspace days on our profiles.


zOmbie: Well, all of these ideas will be listed on your site, and I’m sure spad will read them all…so, who knows?

The reason why I’m asking you is because we all know you’re spad’s right-hand man, no pun intended. But I believe that your say in certain issues has influence. The second is a universal PM feature that would allow anyone on the site to PM someone from that person’s profile, given that user is online at the time.

zOmbie: That is something that has also been discussed, so it’s possible.

If you could PM someone from their profile, that would be fucking dope. OK, truthfully, I have a bunch of ideas, but I’ll just mention one more. A universal broadcaster. There would be a window that could be accessed, similar to the YouTube player, but smaller, that would have choices such as music that the whole site could hear at the same if they chose to open the player. Or a live performance perhaps – we have a lot of musicians, but it could be also be used for someone doing comedy, DJ’s, or site announcements. Admins could control who uses it at what time and a form could be made for users to fill out in order to use it – maybe a schedule. Another idea would be to use this feature as part of a premium or pro account.

zOmbie: That would be very cool. I like that.

Thank you. Perhaps I’ll write up something on KLN and list all of these things. We’ll be wrapping up soon, I have just a few more questions and this next one is probably the most important question of the interview. How often do you masturbate?

zOmbie: [Laughs] Too damn often.


What turns zOmbie on? What are you attracted to?

zOmbie: Other than your mom?

Yes, other than my mom, zOmbie. FML. She reads these things, man…


zOmbie: [Laughs] I’m really not picky. Brains are the best thing a girl can have. That’s not a zombie joke.

So, you’re saying, you’d date a girl that the entire globe described as a monstrosity … a creature that is foul beyond meaning and summoned by the devil himself, if she could name the square root of this chat room?

zOmbie: I think I dated her before, so, no. [Laughs]

Describe the following image…


zOmbie: Describe it? I’d just switch the ‘Fuckin’ and the ‘A’.

[Laughs] OK, before we end this, we’re going to run through a fast-paced set of questions. It’s a great way to decompress from what we’ve just been through. Ready?

zOmbie: Sure, go for it.

User Sinhalese: Male or Female?

zOmbie: Female-to-Male, or vice versa. Whatever, just hurry up.


Your drink of choice?

zOmbie: Crown Royal, usually.

Is there a urine jug next to you?


zOmbie: [Laughs] Nope.

Favorite game to play?

zOmbie: Right now, GTA5.

Are you in a relationship?

zOmbie: Nope.

Any tattoos?

zOmbie: Tons.

Coke or Pepsi?

zOmbie: Dr Pepper.

Do you believe in God?

zOmbie: No.

Do you believe in Satan, overlord and ADMIN off all that inhabit the earth, The morning star Lucifer bound in all greatness, Beelzebub, the devil, the deuce, the Great Deceiver, the Father of Lies, the Prince of Darkness, Old Mr. Grim, Old Ned, Old Nick, Old Sam, Old Scratch, the Old One, Old Rip, Old Poker, Old Splitfoot, the black spy, the gentleman in black, El Diablo and bogey?

zOmbie: You mean El-Vato? Yes.


Are you a Freemason?

zOmbie: I’m a Free Baller.

And finally, what would you like to say to the people reading this right now? Imagine that everybody from the site is reading this right now.

zOmbie: I love each and every one of you. Even if you piss me off I still love you for coming to this site. You are all awesome. Tell your mom I’ll be home soon.

zOmbie, this has been an amazing interview and I’m sure everyone reading it enjoyed it as much as I have. KLN thanks you and wishes you the best out there.

zOmbie: Glad to do it. I hope this sheds some light on the site and how much of a whore your mother is. Cheers.


Hey man! [A very long pause followed by a sigh] Cheers.


  • When it comes to being interviewed by KLN, zOmbie has the patience of a fucking Buddhist monk.
  • Autism comes in all shapes and sizes.
  • Sponty has a microwave in his bedroom.
  • There are good ideas for the site that may be inspired by this post.
  • spad codes the website.
  • zOmbie likes girls with braiiiiiins.
  • zOmbie fucking thinks Count Von Count is Count Chocula.
  • zOmbie would rescue El-Vato from an explosion.
  • zOmbie listens to Childish Gambino when in reality I thought he would be listening to Cannibal Corpse, or, I don’t know … fucking GWAR.
  • zOmbie doesn’t believe in God and he thinks El-Vato is the devil.
  • zOmbie does not have a piss bucket next to him.
  • zOmbie is a pretty cool mother fucker … smh … pun intended. js. (js).


In closing, I’d like to thank zOmbie for taking time out of his life to provide the answers to these questions. In fact, during the interview, 1,452 rules were broken and 86 users bypassed their site ban using a VPN. Joking of course – that’s kind of been my style for a long time now. However, there is a serious side to me that understands why someone like zOmbie is an admin in the first place.

How I didn’t notice before is beyond me. How it didn’t hit me like a fucking piano falling from the sky, I don’t know. Maybe we’re all trained to assume anyone in the position of authority is a fucking asshole – it could be that just having an admin sitting in your room is bad for business. Yet, while conducting this interview, I felt as if I was on a roller coaster of emotions and enlightenment. Now, granted, the roller coaster might have been erected by autists and shoe elves, still, I felt like I was finally getting to know this guy that I see on the site all of the time.

Shame on me for dismissing who this mother fucker is. What right do I have to not take into consideration that he himself is going through the same trials and tribulations of life that the rest of us are? Because his name is red? Because with a series of left clicks, he could maroon me from Kageshi without warning?

I know where to draw the line when others do not. I know the difference between right and wrong even as others push the envelope so often you’d think they worked with the fucking postal service. Hell, when you’re surrounded by people that have no agenda other than inciting civil unrest, whether it’s in real life, or as I’m referring to – on Kageshi, there has to be a breaking point – there has to be someone making sure everything is how it should be.

We could have someone constantly fucking with us. The admins can’t be banned. They can literally wreak havoc on every user in every room, every single fucking day. Maybe they do, and maybe they don’t. But the point is, we all like to fuck around every once in a while and sometimes we take it too far, so, if there’s an overwhelming presence of authority in your room, perhaps it’s time to figure out the common denominator – just don’t feel as if you need to treat the admins any differently than you would treat your friends, as I imagine it would be quite boring to be an admin that didn’t even get the chance to reap the benefits of  online interaction due to the users holding them in the same regards as, shall we say, a chaperone.

So, try to keep this in mind next time you see one of those red names appear in your room. Think about how willingly zOmbie was, to sit here with me for a very long time ironing out the kinks. He didn’t have to, he could’ve brushed it off like it was nothing and eventually I would’ve forgotten about it, whereas, now I can’t. And you want to know why? It’s because I finally fucking figured something out about this admin. That’s right, after all this fucking time I finally figured it out…

…he’s one of us.

From the main hub of KLN, this is myke, signing off. Until next time…



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