Since I started doing these interviews on KLN, I wanted to conduct one with a friend of mine, and I’m excited to bring present this to you. The following interview is with FrostyTheSantaSlayer, or Dingo, as we all know him by. We’re about to take a trip down under with the owner and the creator of one of the most popular rooms on Kageshi, The Crossroads. So, if you’re ready to do this, let’s get down to business!

DECEMBER 16, 2016
By myke

Before we begin, do I have your permission to publish this interview on KLN?

FrostyTheSantaSlayer: Yeah, sure.

Your username changes with the holidays. Most of us know you as Dingo, though. Have you ever been around a real dingo?

FrostyTheSantaSlayer: I have at a few zoos. They are starting to return to my area now natively, too.


I’ve been told that Australia has strict, but reasonable, gun laws. Are gun related crimes uncommon?

FrostyTheSantaSlayer: They are pretty uncommon. I’d say 1 in every 50 people I know – maybe 1 in every 100 has their license or has shot one.

How is the overall crime rate?

FrostyTheSantaSlayer: I couldn’t tell you much as I don’t really watch the news – just the radio. But, as I understand, we don’t have many murders. Of course, we have some, but not as many as many other places. Most of our crimes happen on the road it seems.

Your room, The Crossroads, has been a huge part of Kageshi for a while now. Was the room on Stickam before here?


FrostyTheSantaSlayer: No. To be honest, it all started here. Kageshi is where it kicked off. #homegrown. A few of our early users originated from a site called itoke though, you know Josh, I believe.

Yes, shout out to Josh from itoke. That’s what’s up. Who do you have as co-owners now?

FrostyTheSantaSlayer: I still have pinkiebruiser – she’s been around since the start, also j0n.

Recently there was some talk going around about DrewsephStalin leaving The Crossroads. Was this by choice, or did he do something that made you cut him from the team?

FrostyTheSantaSlayer: A bit of both really. Some events probably best not mentioned led up towards me preparing to remove him. But, inevitably those problems overcame him and he quit on his own choice, though he is not welcome back.

Have you spoken to him since?

FrostyTheSantaSlayer: Yes. He has entered my room several times and said both, “why?” or “you’re a coward”, and left. I still don’t know ‘why what?’ [Laughs]

Wow. Is he banned?

FrostyTheSantaSlayer: His account is not … he site banned himself permanently.


Who came up with the name The Crossroads?

FrostyTheSantaSlayer: I did. I thought of I guess a connection or a place – where multiple places meet and work together.

You’ve been doing some other things online such as streaming live, I hear. Wanna fill the readers in on that?

FrostyTheSantaSlayer: Oh, yes. I have been going live recently on facebook, in a few groups actually. A popular one called LUNGS OF STEEL 2.0 and also my own R-rated version of The Crossroads, a page named Cannabis. Most of my videos (and other user’s videos), consist of people generally smoking or discussing cannabis and its culture and sharing the love.

Are these groups open to the public?

FrostyTheSantaSlayer: They are both closed groups that require requesting to join, as sadly, there are people who work against cannabis and its culture.

Sadly enough, that’s true. Something needs to give with marijuana legalization. Speaking of things that blaze, you’ve been known to spit some fire. If given the chance to do a song with any artist out there, dead or alive, who would you do a song with?

FrostyTheSantaSlayer: Personally, I’m a pretty big fan of GoldLink, though I think if I got to spit with Ces Cru some day that would be phenomenal.

What’s the last song or album you listened to?

FrostyTheSantaSlayer: Last album, Dragonball Wave by MAITRO. The last song [Laughs] The Lion Sleeps Tonight (Wimoweh) – you know, The Lion King song? I was watching a trailer to Borderlands 2 with it.

You’re fucking with me, right?

FrostyTheSantaSlayer: [Laughs] Nah that was the last song.


Who do you think would win in a fight between Maddog and El-Vato?

FrostyTheSantaSlayer: Maddog. He’d be slow as fuck but sheer weight and size … the man would crush poor vato – he wouldn’t even know what squashed him.


Have you ever banned crop from your room?

FrostyTheSantaSlayer: Yes [Laughs] but mostly by other people hassling me. In the end, I told them to do their own dirty work, so bud_kitty and Drewseph banned him. I kept lifting it, he’s funny IMO.

If you were admin of Kageshi, what would you do to make the site better?

FrostyTheSantaSlayer: Probably try to give the least biased opinion I possibly could. I’m a sucker for fairness. [Laughs]

Who’s your favorite admin?

FrostyTheSantaSlayer: Uh…shit…I’m not entirely sure, to be honest. I’d have to say, zOmbie. He’s helped us out the most and he’s been here so long – he must be doing something right [Laughs]. R.I.P adminship of dave and Polarbear (Kara). They were my fav’s.

What’s your opinion on Kageshi Premium?

FrostyTheSantaSlayer: I’ve always wanted to donate. The fact that I can and I got something for it even though I didn’t intend to be rewarded, so yeah I think its cool. Finally, customizing your own room was a must-have, and the mod log is a life saver.

If you could site ban anyone from the site, besides me, who would it be?

FrostyTheSantaSlayer: [Laughs] Oh shit, probably that [Expletive deleted] Aljamaal, if he isn’t already, or twat. #notoxanax [Laughs]


Do you think the admins fuck with the users under guest names?

FrostyTheSantaSlayer: Anything’s a possibility.


What’s your current relationship status?

FrostyTheSantaSlayer: I’m currently taken – have a lovely girlfriend.

Anything you’d like to say directly to her, via this KLN interview?

FrostyTheSantaSlayer: Love you, Sam.


What’s the best thing about

FrostyTheSantaSlayer: I would say the fact it’s free, but not because I don’t want to pay, just the domino effect it causes.

What’s the worst thing about

FrostyTheSantaSlayer: Can I say partytyme on the record? [Laughs]


[Laughs] I just PM’d BananaBox a number. It’s a number between 1 and 10. What number did I send her?

FrostyTheSantaSlayer: Fuck. 2?


Close. 4. Who designed the theme for The Crossroads room?

FrostyTheSantaSlayer: The current one was me, actually, most were me.

Very nice. Tell me, what’s the most embarrassing thing that’s ever happened to you?

FrostyTheSantaSlayer: I was drunk, walking home, went to piss on a gate and a full train went passed.

GD. I bet crop wishes he were on that train.


FrostyTheSantaSlayer: Actually wait…my friends 21st birthday. I don’t do rum – he gave me rum, and I spewed within 4 seconds at the bar. Pretty violently, too.

[Laughs] Wow. What’s your drink of choice?

FrostyTheSantaSlayer: Beer, definitely – hated it when I was younger, grew on me, and I love it now.

Have you ever been out of Australia? And if so, where?

FrostyTheSantaSlayer: Yeah several times. I have been to Ireland mostly, but also Amsterdam and England. I stayed in Hong Kong, and Thailand overnight before as well.

Were you there visiting someone or just fucking around?

FrostyTheSantaSlayer: The first three, I saw family. Thailand, and Hong Kong just stop-overs.

If you were stranded on an island for 7 years, what 3 things would you want to have with you?

FrostyTheSantaSlayer: Shit. 7 years … I’d have to go for lifelines basically. A knife, an ax – rather a mattock, or a durable water bottle.


Have you ever been arrested?

FrostyTheSantaSlayer: A few times when I was younger – several teen charges.

If you could change one thing about the world, what would it be?

FrostyTheSantaSlayer: [Pauses] 1 thing only…


FrostyTheSantaSlayer: I think a lot of wasted food could feed the starving. Maybe if the whole world worked on a food plan – like, do you ever overeat and think about it and feel selfish? I have a few times. Otherwise open-mindedness about Art of all forms.

Have you ever dated someone that you met online?

FrostyTheSantaSlayer: Yeah, I met my current girlfriend online, but we live near each other somewhat – close enough to see each other regularly, though.

Very nice. what’s the craziest thing that’s happened in your room?

FrostyTheSantaSlayer: Probably forthelongesttime squatting and pissing out of her dress on cam and 32 people were oblivious, other than me and like 2 others.


FML. I wish I never asked. OK, I’m going to name some random users on Kageshi. If you could, give me a one-word description of each user. The first one is DrewsephStalin.

FrostyTheSantaSlayer: Stalker.



FrostyTheSantaSlayer: Muscleman.


FrostyTheSantaSlayer: Cockhead.



FrostyTheSantaSlayer: be4rdie.

[Laughs] Is that beardie?

FrostyTheSantaSlayer: Yes. [Laughs]

That’s great. OK, next user: DrunksRUs

FrostyTheSantaSlayer: Alcoholic.


FrostyTheSantaSlayer: Admin.


FrostyTheSantaSlayer: Redhead.


FrostyTheSantaSlayer: Topdog.


FrostyTheSantaSlayer: Crip.

Two people have said that answer in an interview. That’s great. OK, what’s the most fucked up PM someone sent you?


FrostyTheSantaSlayer: Sorry, had a mid-interview bowl. Alright, uh [Pauses] Maddog sent 180 messages in a row for a conversation with no responses. He kept talking to himself in my PM’s.

I remember that! You counted them! Holy shit, I wish I had that conversation. Did you hear about Maddog’s roommate shaving his hair and his eyebrows off?

FrostyTheSantaSlayer: [Laughs] No, is that where he’s been?

He did it in here. I haven’t seen him in a while. The last time he was in here, he was sitting in a basement and holding a kitten. It was pretty fucking terrifying. Take a guess on how many empty pizza boxes were on his bed.

FrostyTheSantaSlayer: [Laughs] Like, 12?

Close. 15 … on his bed.

FrostyTheSantaSlayer: [Laughs] fuckmesideways.


Was the outcome of the US presidential election big in Australia like it was in Russia and in China?

FrostyTheSantaSlayer: No clue, to be honest. I have fuck all opinion or interest in politics, really.


Have you ever been hacked or DDoS’d?

FrostyTheSantaSlayer: I got DDoS’d once, but changed my IP within like 5-10 minutes and it stopped.

Do you believe in God?

FrostyTheSantaSlayer: I believe there’s a better chance of aliens.


Do you believe in Satan, Beelzebub, the devil, the deuce, the Great Deceiver, the Father of Lies, the Prince of Darkness, Old Mr. Grim, Old Ned, Old Nick, Old Sam, Old Scratch, the Old One, Old Rip, Old Poker, Old Splitfoot, the black spy, the gentleman in black, El Diablo or bogey?


FrostyTheSantaSlayer: [Laughs], I believe in karma and reincarnation, to be honest. I think if something terrible happens to someone it was likely the result of luck or they have done something bad in rather this or the past life.

Before we wrap this up, I’m going to throw some fast-paced questions at you. Try not to think too much about the answers and just let it flow. Here we go. Coke or Pepsi?

FrostyTheSantaSlayer: Coke.

Red or Blue?

FrostyTheSantaSlayer: Red

Rap or Rock?

FrostyTheSantaSlayer: Rap.


crop or death?

FrostyTheSantaSlayer: [Laughs] Confused.

Mac or PC?


FrostyTheSantaSlayer: PC.


Xbox or Playstation?

FrostyTheSantaSlayer: Playstation.

And on that note, we’re going to close it down. Brother, thank you for an amazing interview. Is there anything you’d like to say to the readers of this piece?

FrostyTheSantaSlayer: Thanks for interviewing me, myke, and anyone who reads this, thanks for taking the time!

Much love, brother!

Click here to visit The Crossroads

2See you at The Crossroads




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