Absolutely terrible and requires wearing headphones
Extremely hard to watch
Embarrassing to watch, even around friends
Borderline cringe

Mitt Meets Meat

On October 25th, 2012, Mitt Romney lived through what may have been the worst two and a half minutes of his life. The expression on his face is priceless as he stands there and takes it in the ass.

Location: Defiance, Ohio
Suspects: Meatloaf,  Randy Owens, John Rich and Big Kenny
Additional Info: These fucks didn’t even sing the first line of the song. Meatloaf totally destroys the entire performance by acting like he was in church, and his microphone was insanely loud. This video is a complete bag of shit. If you get through this video, you are one brave mother fucker. Good luck.
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Corey Feldman has spent his entire life imitating Michael Jackson. In this video, he says the two of them grew up dancing together. Well, what about the hairstyle or the way you dressed in almost all of your old movies? A friend of mine was playing drums for his band not too long ago. She quit and she said he’s weird as shit. What a strange piece of history that must be for her. I told her I was glad she wasn’t around when this disaster happened.

Location: NBC’s “Today” stage. Friday, Sept. 16th, 2016
Suspects: Corey Feldman, his angels, Doc Ice, and Snoop Dogg via the album version
Additional Info: What the fucking fuck is he doing in the beginning of the song? He looks like an autistic fucking marionette. Doc Ice joins Corey and raps over Snoop Dogg’s recorded verse. Doc Ice says something about “Now just watch Feldman twerk”, replacing Snoop’s lyrics – something that never really needed to happen in the first place. Proceed with caution.
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OK, what?

The details surrounding this video are unknown, but one thing’s for sure, it’s fucking awful. This kid is being serious, too. This isn’t a joke or a prank – the mother fucker stood there and growled. He sounds like he’s “singing” to his mom for not letting him borrow the station wagon. I feel sorry for anyone that watches this.
Location: Unknown
Suspect: This fucking guy
Additional Info: Can you imagine what the judges were thinking? My regards to their ears. The fucked up thing about this video is, somewhere on this planet, some girl is saying “His voice is just so beautiful…”
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