An entirely NEW approach to what you can do with your photos. The future of image sharing is HERE.

Patent Pending

On December 2nd, 2016, 2:15 AM, I invented a feature that will allow you to place an animated black-out screen over your watermarked image while actually pulling the watermark above the black-out screen, and if desired, locking your image according to your customized time-adjusted settings. Whether you choose to link your mykelokz image to its original is entirely up to you. This invention will be compatible with Mac or PC (Windows 8.1 and higher.)

mykelokz will accept and convert: .png, .gif, .jpg, .bmp, and .webm file extensions, placing permanent watermarks, as well as full HD video support compatible with all video hosting websites ensuring peace of mind while uploading that next documentary you’ve been working so hard on.

The following image is a message between two users of a chat website. This is for demonstration purposes only.

The image above has a cover that will lock automatically after a predetermined amount of time.
Click the image to view the high-quality original, w/ watermark. 

This technique will discourage hotlinking as well as keep a watermark visible for those that take screenshots.

There will be two options available:

  • A free version that will place a discreet mykelokz logo in the corner.
  • A pro (one-time payment ) version will remove the mykelokz logo on all images forever.

I’m experimenting with the code in order to provide you with a template in which to work with. When this is completed, I hope you’ll enjoy using mykelokz as much as I enjoyed creating it.

Patent Pending